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Update on Eh Voila! EP Release

Update on Eh Voila! EP Release

There hasn’t been much news from these parts regarding the launch of The Ever After EP Eh Voila! since it’s initial release in May.

It was decided that certain tracks didn’t come out as well as had been hoped,so they were sent back to be remixed and remastered. The resulting tracks sound way better and we are now looking forward to releasing them to the various streaming platforms and other online outlets.

The plan is to release them this fall accompanied by videos (when available) and live shows.

So stay tuned for updates about the release and upcoming events.


EP Release and Launch Party

EP Release and Launch Party

I’ve finally set a date to release an EP that I feel like I’ve been working on for a long, long time. It will officially be on May 18th at La Vitrola in Montreal and we will be joined by the emotionally driven songs of Waves&Windows and the elegiac rock of Embrasse-moi L’Hiver. Ceremonies will be led by Chas Warlow, who will be performing some of his riotous compositions to move the evening along.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing the songs on my website as well as a new video. We are excited for the launch party and to share the new material. The name of the EP is forthcoming.

You can now buy tickets online.

TEA EP Launch Party

Oh Dear! Remixed and Remastered for 2019

Oh Dear! Remixed and Remastered for 2019

Andreas Blachere - Oh Dear!
Oh Dear! (2019 Reissue)

It has been 10 years since I recorded and mixed “Oh Dear!” in my studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I released it in Dec. 2009  but was never entirely satisfied with the quality of the sound. So for the album’s 10th anniversary I decided to have it mixed and mastered again!

The result is what I think is a better sounding record – definitely still “Indie” 🙂 but a better testament to what I had originally intended. I also updated the cover and decided to release it under my own name as it truly is – with the exception of two songs  – a solo album.

So if you like acoustic-folk guitar compositions I encourage you to take a listen to the new album below.