2,870 miles to go…

Day one is over and 300 miles are under my belt. I’ve made it through the NYC portion of the trip mostly unscathed which was the part I dreaded the most, frankly, so I’m counting myself pretty lucky so far. I dodged a $135 ticket going across the Tri-Borough bridge. Apparently you can’t just take the EZ-pass out of your passenger vehicle and put it in your moving truck and expect things to just work out. Who knew!?!? There just happened to be a toll worker standing right by my truck as I was going through and he flagged me over and read me the riot act. I professed ignorance – which is generally the case – and he let me go with a warning and the normal fee for trucks which is an astounding $26.


So with that little hiccup out of the way it was a quick dart in to BK to get stuff out of storage. Richard at the storage place was a prince as usual and I was in and out in under 2 hours.

If you see this man give him a high five. He is a prince among men.


I was kind of amazed that I was able to fill up the whole truck. I initially thought I was going to be able to do the trip with just a 12′ trailer attached to my car. Woah was I off! Glad I was talked out of it. While stacking one box after the other into the back of the truck I couldn’t escape the feeling that I was being followed cross county by a whole pile of crap.

What a lot of Crap


Trying to avoid traffic I took some back roads and had a little scare when I almost ripped a bumper off a car on one of the narrower streets but I managed to make it on to the BQE and across the Verazzano bridge. This time I wisely chose to go through the cash aisle only to be told by the ornery young lady that I owed $54. My jaw dropped. She said I had to pay $26 for the truck and then $8 for each axle. I’m still trying to figure out the math on that one. A nice little kick in the ass by NYC on my way out the door. Oh well, win some, lose more. Best thing to do is haul ass out of town before they find a way to tax me one more time so that’s just what I did. Managed to make it to PA before I ran out of gas – literally and figuratively – and am now counting my chickens and watching crap tv at an Econolodge somewhere.