The Bogeyman

When I was a child we had a concept called the Bogeyman. He was a fictional character that was always lurking in the shadows, hiding in closets or standing just around the corner. He could attack you at any moment, kidnap you and even kill you. Eventually we grew up and realized that this was an irrational, childish fear and that the bogeyman didn’t exist. 

Well it appears the Bogeyman is back. This time he is hiding INSIDE other people and apparently we may not even know he is there but he could attack at any moment and, once again, even kill you. 

The effects of the new Bogeyman on society are startling: people avoiding contact with each other, looking at each other on the street and in stores with fear and mistrust and believing all the stories they hear instead of using their common sense to judge  for themselves whether they are in danger or not. 

So yes… the Bogeyman is back! But hopefully we will all grow out of our irrational, childish fears once more and become compassionate, loving human beings again. 

NOVID Sessions: Saying NO to Corona Virus one song at a time

Pandemic got you home bound and down?  Let me cheer you up with a few songs. Starting Friday (April 17th) at 3pm EST and going every Tuesday and Friday at 3pm till May 1st, I will be hosting a live session from my studio. I’ll be playing a mixture of originals and covers, telling an anecdote or two and maybe even answering some questions (If I can figure out how 😉 

If you want to watch these live streaming sessions you can subscribe to my YouTube channel or join this FB event to get notifications. 

I’ll see you Friday at 3pm for the first NOVID session: Saying NO to Corona Virus one song at a time.

Here is the first NOVID from April 17th