Can robots write poetry?

A while ago this site added the ability for readers to comment on posts. Alas, the number of relevant responses have been few and far between. On the other hand, the number of bizarre and even incomprehensible comments have been plentiful. In fact, these responses have been so abundant and down-right weird that it leads me to believe they are not typed  by humans  but instead by an armada of literary robots. I’m not really sure from where these cultivated automatons derive inspiration but it always seems to be somehow related to what’s been posted as well as possibly what I’ve been searching for recently. One thing is for sure – their language flows like unconventional prose. The Shelleys and Byrons  of the past are being replaced by the Gainsboros and Marylous of the Internet age. Below is a sampling of some of their recent works (Basic formatting applied… hell, even robots need editors!)


OAKLEY in the sports

by Gainsboro

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Jim Oakley bossbefore


Roam the Fretboard

by Marylou

The balled-up end on the new string,

playing a gig bag electric guitar larger than she is with virtuosic skill

was posted onCollege Humoryesterday,

although the video has been onYouTube for over a year.

We will just have to roam the fretboard, and strum strings with

the oils, polishes, cleaners or cloths you’re cleaning with.