I hope this message reaches you under the best of circumstances during these trying times. This virus scare and all its ramifications have sent shockwaves through pretty much every strata of life and we are all having to deal with the fallout in our own ways.

Rest assured that if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or lonely, you are not alone! 

If you are sick (or tending to someone that is), at home having to entertain children or just going it alone having to amuse yourself, I wish you the best during these uncertain times. Just remember, as George Harrison put it, All Things Must Pass.  And this will too… just hang in there! 

Before this pandemic hit I had been planning to release a new single and music video that featured a compilation of live footage edited together to sync to one of the songs from the new EP called Heddroom (no small feat!). But then that didn’t seem so relevant anymore.

Instead I thought about what could be a better song for these troubled times and it dawned on me. The counter-balance to social-distancing is Unity


Take care of yourself and remember “A healthy mind is a healthy body.”

Stay together. Stay informed. Think healthy. Stay positive!

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Get the new EP “Eh Voila!” on Bandcamp

The new EP by The Ever After is now available online

My long running folk-rock-funk-etc act The Ever After has just released a new EP entitled “Eh Voila!” to all the major streaming and download platforms.

It consists of 5 songs that I wrote and one that I co-wrote with Joel Prades. I’ve listed a few of the sites you can find it on below and I encourage you to take a listen. Enjoy!

Listen to “Eh Voila” on:
Apple Music
Amazon Music
CD Baby

Update on Eh Voila! EP Release

There hasn’t been much news from these parts regarding the launch of The Ever After EP Eh Voila! since it’s initial release in May.

It was decided that certain tracks didn’t come out as well as had been hoped,so they were sent back to be remixed and remastered. The resulting tracks sound way better and we are now looking forward to releasing them to the various streaming platforms and other online outlets.

The plan is to release them this fall accompanied by videos (when available) and live shows.

So stay tuned for updates about the release and upcoming events.