Darwin versus The Peacock

“The sight of a feather in a peacock’s tail,” Charles Darwin wrote in 1860, “makes me sick.”

What was it about the Peacock’s feather that bothered Darwin so much? Apparently the cumbersome tail of the peacock flew – or more to the point didn’t – in the face of all of Darwin’s theories of natural selection. Why should the male bird of this species be allowed to survive and even prosper when his lavish and burdensome tail should make him a prime candidate for destruction by his adversaries?

Well, the answer was not easily come by – and still not very well understood – but it seems that in the end Darwin was forced to factor in Beauty as one of the inherent values in Nature. And that’s a beautiful thing!

Through my creations – music, lyrics, graphic art and words – I work towards bringing more beauty in the world. Do I miss the mark sometimes? Sure. But every once in a while I hit on a gem.

In my career to date I’ve independently released a number of musical albums and singles, created a large portfolio of artwork, produced a number of videos and actively maintained a blog of my writings – all self financed.

While it has been an very enjoyable and fulfilling experience bringing these creations to light it has become increasingly costly to support the production, distribution and maintenance of this output so I’ve decided to open a Patreon account in order to offset these costs and fund future endeavors.

If you would like to support my mission to bring more beauty to the world, I encourage you to become a contributor. I have many new projects and a lot of unfinished material that I am looking to complete in the coming days, months and years and as a contributor you can not only help make sure that happens but be the first to know about it.

I appreciate your continued interest in my work and wish you the best.