Wow… 3 months since the last update on this site. That is kind of unacceptable BUT… I have a good excuse: I moved to Montreal in August. For anyone who has ever moved anywhere you are surely aware that it is a serious pain in the ass and greatly compromises your ability to function as a normal human being. The dust seems to have settled now and I now have time to devote to musical/creative purposes once again.


Along those lines I played a show with the very talented Singer/Songwriter Lisa Harris at Club Ballatou in October.  Lisa is in town from Houston doing a residency and Ballatou has asked her to play again on Wed. Nov 19th. She killed it in her first performance at the club so I’m excited to be performing with her again in November.


Otherwise, some other goodies (a solo show, some The Ever After and a new release) are in the works and I should have more information up here soon. Hopefully you’ll visit the site again soon for more news. I should be better about posting from here on out.