Name this Resident Alien Song

The seventh song off “The Only Constant is Change” album is now available on The Resident Alien  website. It is currently UNTITLED. That presents you with an exciting opportunity: You can name a song on this album! Name it anything you like (within the bounds of good taste of course*).

Have a special someone, somewhere or something that you would like to immortalize in song? Find out how you can do that by clicking here. Want to buy it as a gift for someone? I can send you a gift card by email which you can print out and give to someone for the holidays. Who doesn’t want an ambient electronic composition in their honor!?

Untitled Track

FYI, this album release and crowdfunding campaign officially ends Monday, Dec. 21st. So only six more days and ONE more song and this long adventure comes to an end. It’s been a lot of work and personally I am looking forward to a relaxing holiday with my family. I hope you will all have a chance to relax with your loved ones too!

So far the crowdfunding aspect of the release has gone pretty well. Just a reminder for those of you who are new or aren’t yet aware of the perks: $5 CAD is the base level donation for anyone who enjoyed receiving updates, viewing the pictures and listening to the tunes. $12 CAD gets you a digital download of the album and photos. $20 CAD gets you a physical copy of the album and artwork. And the perks go up from there including photos, a credit in the liner notes and more… all they way up to the biggest perk which is a song produced personally for you (or in collaboration). Exciting stuff! To check out the whole list you can do so on the crowdfunding page .

Thank you for your interest and support. And thanks Khoa Tran  for this week’s excellent photo.