Andreas Blachere

New EP is finished!

Here is the bounce down of the last track on the new EP. I’m very happy to finally be finished with this project and excited to share it with everyone. It’s been a little over a year that I’ve been working on it – when time permitted – and it’s gone through a number of iterations and mixes in order to get it to the point where I feel comfortable releasing it.

Now I can finally move on to new material, projects and horizons!

The release date for the EP has not yet been determined but it will probably be early in the new year and will be accompanied by a video and a release party/show.

As always, if you want to get updates about the release and coming shows, etc. you can sign up for the mailing list or follow on social media.

Stay tuned!


Check out the new video for “Leaving Everyone”

I’ve released a new video of an old song called “Leaving Everyone” that I thought you might enjoy it. I originally released the song in 2009 on The Ever After album “Oh Dear!”. The video was recorded at CB Studios in Montreal in front of a live audience and was masterfully shot and edited by Liana Pare at Liana the Ghost Film and Photography. The audio was recorded and mixed by Kent Ktok.

The song reflects the sardonic musings of a narcissistic dreamer who has come to the end of his rope. Tongue in check but with a sentiment we can possibly all relate to in our more exasperated moments 🙂 The video features cameos from some of best and brightest in Montreal and beyond. Perhaps you are one of them?

I hope you enjoy it!


Introducing CB Studios

CB Studios LogoI’m very excited to announce the launch of CB Studios, a fully functional live recording and production facility located in Montreal. The studio has been operational since January and I’ve already had the chance to help produce and record several great acts, including Rhodes, Waves&Windows and Danaide.

If you are looking for an affordable, top-notch facility to record your next single, album or demo then you should definitely check out CB Studios.