How to dump a guitar

I met this classical guitar many years ago in the Lower East Side. She was a little beat up but she sounded pretty good and the price was right so I took her home. A new set of strings and a good set up and she was ready to sing. I played her a lot and wrote a bunch of songs on her  but – alas – she got temperamental in her later years and refused to stay in tune. She buzzed on certain notes and became generally disagreeable. With a cash windfall I went to Luthier on 44th street and played every guitar within my price range (and few that weren’t) and found a beauty that is my main classical guitar to this day.  There wasn’t enough room in my life for both guitars so something needed to break. How do you dump an old guitar? Take her out on a nice walk in the neighborhood and leave her on a random giant rock somewhere in Bed-Stuy with this note. I took a walk around the block to check out a used clothing store and by the time I came back she was gone. Easy come, easy go, I guess – although I do find myself wondering from time to time (especially when i pass that rock) what she is doing right now. I hope it sounds good!