Oh Dear (2019 Reissue) (Digital Download)



Oh Dear! was independently released in 2009 then re-touched and re-released in 2019. The minimally produced album contains 9 original compositions performed on the classical guitar with occasional vocals and other accompanying instruments on tracks like “It’s All Right” and “Farewell To Friends.”

The emphasis of the album is on composer Andreas Blachere’s passionate guitar playing and unique songwriting style. The album eschews pop sensibilities for a more decorous compositional approach incorporating influences from Jazz, Bossa Nova and Classical music. It is an intriguing sonic adventure from start to finish.

Album is delivered as 1 compressed file including 9 high quality mp3 files (44.1khz / 192kbps)


  1. Jambone
  2. Farewell To Friends
  3. It’s All Right
  4. Countless Winters
  5. Falling Leaves
  6. Last Day On Earth
  7. Masdar City
  8. Sjofarere
  9. Leaving Everyone


Recorded in Brooklyn, NY at Pencil Factory studios in 2009

All songs written and recorded by Andreas Blachere

Special thanks go Amos Fisher for clarinet on “Last Day On Earth” and drums on “Farewell to Friends”.

Thanks to Family and Friends.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Andreas Blachere

All rights reserved.