The Only Constant is Change – The Resident Alien (Digital Download)

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We are pleased to announce the release of an exciting new independently produced album by The Resident Alien entitled The Only Constant Is Change. The album features 8 original tracks of down-tempo ambient electronic music with elements of drum ‘n bass, trance, and hip hop.

This is the first full-length album of electronic music produced by Andreas Blachere, a Montreal-based producer and live performer who is known for his guitar playing and singing in the rock group The Ever After.  He has also performed in several other  acts including The Bad Sleep Well, The Apostles, and Icenine. Blachere has played cities all over North America and released 4 prior albums, as well as performed on many others.

The Only Constant Is Change is a moody and atmospheric album that attempts to reflect the experience of the perpetual outsider. The person who exists within society and yet is never fully embraced—an alien in plain clothes. The music was composed in a period of transition for Blachere—having moved to 4 different cities in 6 years—and the ideas were captured in a variety of unlikely places including a refurbished pencil factory, the attic of a mortuary, an abandoned warehouse, a 17th-century barn, and a sous-sol. The album is ultimately a reflection of this transient and disjointed period in his life.

The Only Constant Is Change was completed in Montreal in the spring of 2016. Andreas developed and commissioned a series of photos to accompany the music—a montage of  pictures stressing the awkwardness of an outsider ‘s attempts to fit in to normal society. Bizarre and at times self-deprecating, the photos offer a bit of levity on what is otherwise an often heavy and dark album.

Alone (Sample)

Fission or Fusion (Sample)

Civic Duty (Sample)