Resident Alien Black Friday “sale”

Well it’s Black Friday and everybody is selling something, so I’m going to sell my new album and crowdfunding campaign. The project is called The Resident Alien “The Only Constant is Change” and it is 8 tracks of downtempo, pretty chill electronic music. For 8 weeks I’m releasing a new track every week along with an associated photo and right now we are just finishing week 4, so we are right dab in the middle of the project

This week’s track is called Fission or Fusion. You can check it out on the Resident Alien Website (along with the previous 3 tracks released). If you like the music and want to support the project, you can do so in either of 3 ways:

A. Buy an advanced copy or make a donation to the crowdfunding campaign

B. Like The Resident Alien project on facebook, twitter and/or soundcloud

C. Share this post on facebook or other social media outlets with other people who like new music

It took a fair amount of time and effort to get this album done and it was entirely self-funded so I’m running a crowdfunding campaign to recoup some of the expenses and get the word out about the project. I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the rest of the album.