The Ever After video for “It’s All Right” featuring Andreas on guitar and vocals

Andreas is a guitar player, songwriter and music producer who writes and records his own material as well as produces music for other acts in his studio located in Montreal. He performs regularly with his live act The Ever After and DJs and produces electronic music as The Resident Alien.

Below are some of the services Dre provides:

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Pandemia - This is one of Andreas’ latest pieces of artwork entitled Pandemia. It is the first piece of art in the new online gallery that we just added to this site. We’ll be progressively adding more art over the next few months so be sure to check back for more or sign up to get updates.
DRE’S LAW - If at all possible a cable, wire or other rope like material must inevitably get caught or tangled on something else (or itself) in the process of trying to displace it. DRE’S LAW, 2021
Holy Day Songs Free Download - For those of you that have already downloaded the new EP of holiday songs I hope you are enjoying them. I’d love to hear what you think so drop my a message at mail@dreblach.com or hit me up on social media @dreblach. And for those of you that haven’t taken the opportunity to download it […]
A Happy Holiday Message and Gift - 2020 has been a strange year to say the least. Hopefully you have been able to remain healthy and positive during these trying times. People have found all types of ways to weather this global pandemic and ensuing lockdowns. Personally, I’ve taken the opportunity during this “downtime” to revisit some guitar pieces I’ve been working […]
Our video for “Tirage au Sort” has surpassed 7000 views - The video that we independently produced for The Ever After song “Tirage au Sort” just surpassed 7000 views which makes us very happy!
Now open for business! - Very pleased to announce that we now have a store where you can purchase products directly from this site. This will allow me to get you new content faster and allow you to support my efforts directly – a win/win. Below is a sampling of some of our wares: