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My Story

Andreas Blachere is a talented singer/songwriter, guitar player, music educator and audio producer living in Northwestern CT. With diverse experience across a range of genres including rock, blues, jazz, classical and electronic, Andreas brings an authenticity to his art that is hard to find. He is committed to creating music that connects with people on a deep and personal level.
To date Andreas has independently released 4 albums and 2 EPs  and a number of singles under the name The Ever After and The Resident Alien including his 2019 EP “Take Two” which garnered accolades from a number of outlets including the Hollywood Digest who wrote “the unique bones and creative finish in this record alone would make it a treat for music enthusiasts everywhere.”
As a songwriter, Andreas has a knack for writing catchy pop songs like 2019’s “Let Me In” as well as more ethereal and mystical tunes like “Unity” and hard-edged, thought provoking songs like his most recent release “I Am The Virus.”  His writing style is reminiscent of the greats - Springsteen, Dylan and Cat Stevens - adding elements of Electronic music, Blues, Brit Pop,  Classic Rock, Jazz and whatever he hears at the grocery store.
Andreas has been performing live since the 90’s as a front man for groups like The Ever After and The Bad Sleep Well, as well as a guitar and bass player for acts like Icenine and The Apostles and as a solo performer doing folk/fingerstyle guitar and electronic music shows. He has played shows all over the US in venues such as Webster Hall, The Bitter End and El Rio as well as shows in Canada and Europe.
He has released a number of videos including “Tirage Au Sort” which has received over 10,000 views on YouTube and has received radio airplay on a number of stations in the US and Canada and “You Done Done Me Wrong”, released in 2023, which received over 10,000 views on YouTube. In 2015, he was invited to be the Featured Performers at the YES Montreal Art Expo playing for 1000+ art lovers at the historic Theatre St James in Old Montreal. In 2019, Blach was invited to take part in the prestigious songwriter program at the Banff center in Alberta where he had the opportunity of recording 2 of his compositions at Telus studios with esteemed producer Howard Bilerman (Leonard Cohen, The Arcade Fire) and a lineup of excellent studio musicians including Nashville session man extraordinaire Fats Kaplan.
Most recently Andreas has been working on a new single and booking shows for winter/spring. He is also finishing up a new album of acoustic material which will consist of  several original pieces. The plan is to release it later this year and perform in  support of it.

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